Vehicle Wraps

Do Vehicle Wraps Damage your Vehicle Paint?


Vehicle Wraps can offer many benefits to business owners, and in many cases, are an extremely cost effect way to brand and market your business. The main concern for car owners is will this form of advertising damage my paint, or my leased vehicle paint for that matter. In many cases a vehicle wrap will actually protect the paint and upon removal it will be like new underneath.

A good vehicle wrapping company will take great care in not damaging the paint on installation. Vehicle wraps are printed from 54″ wide roll usually and can wrap and cover the entire vehicle or be a partial wrap and cover only a portion of the vehicle. In truth, the vinyl film will protect the paint. The wraps can also protect against minor scrapes and scratches. When the correct quality materials are used the adhesive layer that comes in contact with the paint will not cause any damage.

With a custom-designed vinyl wrap, car, truck, trailer or any other type of vehicle,  you can advertise your business every time you drive. Even when you park in the area you do business, vehicle wrapping works to promote your business. For owners who want to express their individuality with a one-of-a-kind look, designer vehicle wraps are also an option other than custom paint jobs, and come in unique finishes like matte, carbon fibre and chrome.

Suppliers and manufacturers of vinyl films and over-laminates state vehicle wraps last three to five years, I have seen them last much longer with proper care. When considering the costs of adding branding to your business, most owners consider wraps a long-term investment. When a car or business owner is ready for a marketing change, the vinyl wrap comes off easily. A professional wrap company will also offer removal services and do it quickly.

Vehicle Wraps on all types of vehicles are an effective and outstanding way to get attention for your business or your car without causing any damage.

Rob TenWesteneind

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Vehicle Wrap Types

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We offer a variety of Vehicle Wrap Sizes to meet you marketing goal and budget.

Full Wrap

This is full coverage that will give your company the biggest impression. If it can be wrapped we will do it. Virtually every inch of you vehicle will be covered in high performance vehicle wrapping vinyl.

3/4 Wrap

The 3/4 Vehicle wrap will cover just about the whole vehicle. Typically on the 3/4 wrap we leave the from 1/4 panels and the hood unwrapped. The wrap can look like a full wrap at times depending on the colour of the vehicle and the design.

1/2 Wrap

The 1/2 Wrap is an effective way of getting your design and marketing installed on your vehicle, if you are on a budget. We can design it in a way that will give you a successful bang for your buck without breaking your budget.

1/4 Wrap

The 1/4 wrap is for those who don’t need the full impact of a vehicle wrap but want to get their message across in an economical way.

Vehicle Lettering and Logos

This has been the most tradition way of lettering a vehicle. Use of your Logo, Phone number and service my be all you need without any graphical representation. Although it may have the least impact, it can still serve as an effective branding and identification method for your business.


We are here to help you with your options and help you make the right decision for your application. Call us to get started.

Rob TenWesteneind

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