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Holiday Campaign

Implement Your Holiday Campaign Today. 10West Helps You Stand Out

Take over the holiday season with an effective and engaging campaign and display it through a variety of formats. 10West creates, and installs new designs for banners, frames, hoarding walls, custom packaging, and more. Our team also brings your already-created design to life and adequates it to your format of choice. Let’s work together.

We Serve Businesses Through the Greater Ontario Area

10West is the graphics production company of choice for businesses to showcase their message and reach their targeted audience. Our designs and production methods result in quality products that build brand awareness and create attention.

Our Services

Creative branding

Graphics production and installation

Window and wall graphics

Vehicle Wraps

Hoarding graphics

Custom printing, packaging, and diecutting

and more.

Stand Out With 10West

Make a bigger impression, enhance your image, and open up to new possibilities to take your message everywhere. 10West is a specialist in producing quality printed graphics using the latest in technology of large format and digital printing to output and install durable graphics.

Ready to Get Started?

Let’s talk about your next project.

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Display Graphics

Create and Deliver Powerful Messages Through Display Graphics

Give your message the right look and format to resonate and engage with your audience. At 10West, we are passionate designers and manufacturers of customized display panels for small and medium businesses in the Greater Ontario area. We help you implement your campaign and bring your ideas to the real world. Start creating now.

Stand Above the Rest, Every Time

At 10West, we are passionate about beautiful and effective product design. Our experienced and passionate designers will work to make people love your brand and message.

A Variety of Marketing Options

  • Retractable Banner stands (economical and premium)
  • X-Frames
  • Trade show displays (folding)
  • Grommeted banners
  • Fabric soft signs
  • Fabric stretch walls
  • Booth backdrops
  • Carpet graphics
  • G-Floor
  • Popup Tents
  • and more.

Customized Services for Your Business

Our team of expert creators at 10West delivers solutions for display products that fit your advertising budget. Our goal is to to market your brand in the most effective way and provide outstanding service and quality on-time solutions to you.

Ready to Get Started?

Let’s talk about your next project.

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Make A Big, Effective, and Memorable Impression

Is your business ready to kick-off this year’s holiday campaign?

Take advantage of the impact of large format printing and start creating a design that captivates your audience. At 10West, we know how important it is to have everything ready to attract the most customers in one of the busiest times of the year. We’ll help you check large-printing designs off your list.

For Small Business or Fortune 500 Companies

No matter the type of campaign you are working in. Whether you are a local business or you are trying to reach a larger audience, 10West is able to help you design and print amazing graphics for them. We will work with you every step of the way, from creation and planning, to production and installation.

We Are 10West

Our team of talented designers and creators are specialists in producing high-quality large printed graphics for businesses. We will make your message stand out from the rest.

What Do We Create?

  • Vinyl or Mesh Banners
  • Window Graphics
  • Floor Graphics
  • Wall Posters
  • Murals
  • Banners
  • Vehicle Wraps
  • Business signs
  • and more

Promote Your Business With 10West

Are you ready to get started?

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Protect Your Investment

3M has always been at the forefront of vehicle graphic technology and it is important to keep those vehicle graphics looking their best.  Here are some important tips on how to keep your vehicle graphics looking their best while preventing unwanted damage to your investment.

Vehicle Wrap Maintenance Guidelines

Your new wrap will last for several years, even in the heat and cold. You can help ensure the longest life possible by following these basic use and care guidelines.

Important wrap care tips:

  • Avoid car washes (hand wash using a mild soap and water with a soft brush, rag or sponge)
  • Never use an ice scraper on window film
  • Avoid using a rear wiper on window film
  • Applying a wax over the wrap, by hand, can help add protection to the vinyl

Power Washing Graphics

Wrapped vehicles may be power washed or pressure washed with extreme care.  Excessive pressure during power washing can damage the graphic by allowing water to soak underneath the vinyl and lessen its adhesion to the vehicle surface, causing the vinyl to lift, peel and/or cut.  Once you receive vehicle back upon install, please do not wash within the first week.

Power washing, or pressure washing, may be used. However, aggressive washing can damage the graphic.  Excessive pressure during power washing can damage the graphic by forcing water underneath the graphic.  Water lessens the adhesion of the graphic to the substrate allowing the graphic to lift or curl.  These problems are magnified by wind. This is a critical problem for perforated window graphic film.

To avoid edge lifting or other damage to the graphics, follow these important steps:

  • Use a spray nozzle with a 40 degree wide spray pattern.
  • Be sure the spray nozzle includes a nozzle protector (tip guard).
  • Use a maximum pressure of 1500 to 2000 psi.
  • If the system is heated, limit the water temperature to 180°F (82°C) or less.
  • Hold nozzle at least 12 inches (300 mm) away from and perpendicular (90 degrees
  • +/- 10) to the graphic.
  • Do not direct the water stream at a sharp angle to the edge of the graphic

For more detailed information about cleaning and maintaining your vehicle graphics click here.


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Benefits of Window Graphics in Toronto

Window graphics showcase your brand, product, and service to thousands of prospective customers every day taking advantage of the daily traffic flow in front of your business. But, how does that compare to other forms of advertising like billboards and such?

Here, we will show you some of the benefits that window graphic installations have and why they should be part of your marketing strategy.

1. Save on permits

When you need to set up a sign, sandwich board or flag, most municipalities restrict their sizes and additionally require a permit for your to get started. You may utilize window graphics rather than signs and flags if permitting is an concern.

2. Powerful ad space

Your storefront windows are advertising magnets to the eye. Utilize this super power to capture new customers and improve their first impression of your brand.

3. Immediate and effective advertising

With window graphics, you are able to make a bold announcement to the audience that matter the most to you, local people. A powerful window graphic design and message will let them know who you are and what you do. With this advertising medium, the awareness of your business will increase rapidly as people talks about it. As a result, more sales will follow.

4. Easily changeable and removable

You will like the flexibility of changing your window graphics and your landlord will be even happier to know that window graphics can be taken off without causing any damage to the windows once they are removed.

5. Enhance or Build your brand identity

To grow a business, you need to promote your identity, a brand.  A plain window doesn’t state much to a person strolling by however, a creative window graphic can knock the socks off of passers by and even drivers, giving you valuable brand exposure and generating awareness.

6. Promote specials

Give your promotions a lift with a window graphic that showcases what you offer, latest deals and offers.

7. Improve privacy

There are certain businesses that require privacy in particular areas where business is conducted.  People don’t have to see everything that goes on inside your business so why not create privacy and advertise your business at the same time.

8. Offer a superior view

Sometimes the view from inside your store to the outside world isn’t the prettiest.  Instead of covering windows with dusty blinds to hide alley walls, dumpsters or another building, why not use window graphics inside to block out any unsightly areas.

9. Give direction

Pull or Push?  Eliminate the guesswork from opening a door.  This simple step can avoid disaster.

10. Block out excess sunlight

Despite the view that you may have out of your window, a blinding sun can be very intrusive. Utilize window graphics and window films to reduce not only glare, but also heat inside coming in through your windows.

These are a few examples of effective uses of window graphics to advertise your business locally. Window graphics come in a variety of styles and applications. Optimize the free real estate staring out at prospective customers everyday. We can give you the advice and proper guidance on what works and best fits your needs.

Promote Your Business With Window Graphics

Learn more about the design and installation services by 10West.

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Construction Hoarding Walls

Construction Hoarding Wraps: More Than Just Pretty Walls

We have all seen wall graphics around construction sites and sometimes we are impressed by the images and promotional graphics on them. These are not just for covering up what is happening behind but also for letting future customers know that something new is on its way.

Instead of the traditional large blank walls, construction hoarding wraps improve the appearance of a construction site, but they serve other important purposes, too. On top of looking spectacular and grand at times, these walls are a major component in ensuring health and safety for site workers, visitors, and the general public.

There are many reasons for putting construction hoarding wraps on walls and we embrace them all. They keep us safe while, at the same time peak our curiosity of what is going on behind them. They also offer developers, property owners, and retailers a grand billboard to promote their brand, product and service.

So, the next time you see construction hoarding going up, you won’t have to wait long until the wonderful graphics give you a glimpse of what is being built beyond those walls.

Promote Your Business With Construction Hoarding Wraps

Learn more about the design and installation services by 10West.



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Hoarding Graphic Wraps Toronto

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Hoarding Graphic Wraps are an effective solution to market your message to a diverse and huge audience during a construction rebuild or new build.

We produce and install Large Format Graphics for internal and external  use, serving retail and commercial property clients. Hoarding that is wrapped graphically usually announces the arrival of a new store or features a new product which builds brand awareness, creates attention and anticipation for what’s coming. Let us complete an onsite survey or your hoarding location to determine your requirements. We typically work with your design agency to execute your message accurately and meet the tightest deadlines.

Hoarding Wraps in Toronto are frequently use for storefront windows, real estate properties, construction sites, mall storefronts. They can be produced with printed adhesive backed vinyl or large scrim banner material.

Call on us, we will deliver!


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Thank you for the Signs!

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On March 8th, 2014 at Oshawa Airport an awesome event was hosted to introduce Women to the world of aviation during The Women of Aviation World Wide Week. We were proud to be part of such a great event by doing our little part!

“Hi Rob,

Thank you so much for the generous donation of the sponsor signs for our event on Saturday. The large one hung from the rafters and the smaller one (which had been intended for the lobby) ended up on the hangar door, at eye level. That actually worked out better, as the large one was a bit too high (the top of the sign was maybe 10 to 20 feet below the girders), and the smaller one was more visible (learning for next year)

Thank you so much for your contribution to the success of the event! We flew almost 140 women and girls! We also had aviation related displays in the hangar, videos and presentations by inspiring women working in the aviation industry.”

Lesley Page
Chapter Chair
First Canadian Chapter
The Ninety-Nines –



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Do Vehicle Wraps Damage your Vehicle Paint?


Vehicle wraps offer many benefits to business owners as they are an extremely cost-effective way to brand and market your business. And a main concern for car owners is if this form of advertising can damage a vehicle’s paint or leased vehicle paint for that matter.

A correctly installed vinyl wrap will not damage the factory paint underneath. In many cases, a vehicle wrap will actually protect the paint of your vehicle from sunlight, small scratches, and dings from rocks or debris. Upon removal, your original paint should look like new.

A good vehicle wrapping company will take great care in not damaging the paint on installation. When the correct quality materials are used, the adhesive layer that comes in contact with the paint will not cause any damage.

Promote On The Go

With a custom-designed vinyl wrap for your car, truck, trailer or any other type of vehicle, you can advertise your business every time you drive. Even when you are parked, you still make business by showing your brand to people.

Vehicle wraps are printed from 54″ wide roll usually and can wrap and cover the entire vehicle or be a partial wrap and cover only a portion of the vehicle.

Get A Unique and Lasting Look

If you want to express your individuality with a one-of-a-kind look, designer vehicle wraps are also an option other than custom paint jobs, and they come in unique finishes like matte, carbon fibre and chrome.

Suppliers and manufacturers of vinyl films and overlaminates state that vehicle wraps last three to five years, I have seen them last much longer with proper care.

When considering the costs of adding branding to your business, most owners consider wraps a long-term investment. They are much more affordable than a full paint job and when your business is ready to update their campaign, the vinyl will come off easily so your car will be ready for a new wrap.

Promote Your Business With a Vehicle Wrap

Learn more about the vehicle wrap design and installation services by 10West.


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